Scott Monaco


VP Creative Development, Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc.
Founder/Owner, QuietYell LLC
VP/Founder/Owner, MeMe & My World Inc.

Scott Monaco is a visionary designer and entrepreneur having excelled in entertainment property development, advertising & web development. His leadership in design and development include MeMe & My World Inc. and QuietYell LLC, Spiniker Media Group and Release Studios. He has also served as art director for Calise & Sedei and The Springboard Agency, and is part of the VP Creative Development for Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc.

Monaco's advertising and agency experience allowed him to work with a wide range of industry leaders, including Samsung, Fujitsu, Texas Instruments, Fossil, Blockbuster, Boy Scouts of America, Game Stop, American Floral Industry Association, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, and many more. He has provided design and creative services to niche or specialty clients in the healthcare, real estate, health & fitness, sports, technology, and entertainment industries amongst others.

With years of design, illustration, branding, advertising, and web development, Monaco now applies this experience towards the creation, development, marketing & business growth of his entertainment & product ventures. From children's, family values, and Christian to urban, punk, asian/anime and hip-hop properties, Monaco's design skills, insight and diversity provide depth and richness to whatever project he is involved with.

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